I’m Olga Segura and I live in Sant Cugat, a nice quiet town close to Barcelona.

Usually, my friends describe my personality like a social, happy and sensitive girl. I really like to be satisfied of what I do; I observe and wait for the right moment before take any photo. Spontaneity is one of my virtues, is something that let me get a natural, honest and real result.

I studied two years of Film and Television, and then the Graphic Design degree. At the same time, I was studying photography by my own, it has been my passion since I was a child. I appreciate all that I have learnt all these years, all that photography has helped to me. Personally, I love the landscape photography. I always say that when I’m taking photos, I disappear from the world, like if someone had switched off the light and I was alone in the silence kingdom. About my work, I dedicate my life to people emotions, daily moments and people happiness that I catch through my camera, in the most natural way.

If you are still reading is because you probably find my work interesting. If it’s like this, please feel free to be welcome and check my website to see my daily work.

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